Community of Faith

Community of Faith

Parents choose All Saints Catholic School so their children can benefit from the faith, values and academic excellence tour school provides. All Saints is a communitiy of faith in which students, teachers and families experience the celebration of Christian values through worship, study, caring relationships and the development of each child’s potential. The goal of All Saints is to form students in faith, to help them grow in knowledge and to teach the students to show their love of God through service to others.

Students come to understand their faith and learn to value and respect others through classroom study of scripture and church teachings, opportunities to participate in religious activities, respect and care for one another each day and through service to the community.

Growth in Faith

Christ is the center and focus of All Saints Catholic School. Our students explore and understand their faith through academic classes that focus on the scriptures, sacraments, morality, church history and traditions. Catholic identity is reflected throughout the curriculum. While not all students who attend our school are Catholic, all do share experiences of faith, values and moral character development in the Catholic tradition. Our buildings and classrooms reflect the Catholic identity through religious art, statues, crucifixes and displays of student work that illustrate beliefs and practices of Catholic life. In daily religion classes, students learn the basic teachings of Catholicism. They also learn to respect other faith traditions while developing their own spirituality and commitment to their own faith. Daily prayer, often led by students, and weekly celebrations of Mass and other prayer services provide opportunities for students to practice their faith and take a leadership role in worship activities. Opportunities are provided for reception of the sacraments, retreats, celebrations of the liturgical seasons and prayerful reflection on students’ personal faith journeys.

Together in Faith

Our community of faith encourages reverence, respect, concern for others in a spirit of hospitality that welcomes all. The faculty, staff, and families work together to create a supportive climate which affirms the dignity of all persons as children of the same God. Following the example of Jesus, our staff of educators care deeply about their students and their intellectual, human and spiritual development. They are role models who share their faith, time and talents while creating educational environments that are warm, trust-filled and encouraging. Students are taught to be kind and accept others rather than exclude them. Our school lives community values by promoting collaboration and teamwork among students in classroom activities that develop habits of listening, valuing other opinions and personal responsibility. We strive to create connections among our students, families, the school and the church so that all share in belonging to a caring, faith community.