Annual Gala

Annual Gala

The first Annual Gala fundraiser was held in the old St. Joseph’s Parish Hall in the spring of 1997. Complete with togas and Italian cuisine, that dinner and auction event marked the beginning of a wonderful tradition of fundraising at All Saints that continues to provide our school community an occasion to come together in support of our wonderful school and students. Each year, a dedicated group of volunteers join forces to bring this event to our school patrons. Every event has its own vibe. But, you can bet that parents, friends, and staff members look forward to this celebration of the history and future of All Saints, and revel in the memories created!

Our 2019 Annual Gala, themed "Guys and Dolls", has been scheduled for March 2, 2019 at Embassy Suites in Norman, OK! If you would like to sign up to be a committee chair or join a committee, please contact our Gala Chair, Staci Armstrong, at 405.447.4600 or by email at See below for more information on the 2019 committees.

We will announce these details SOON!
Guys and Dolls (Roaring 20's)
DJ - Adrian Buendia

Committees this year are:
Check-in/Check-out Committee (Two chairs with up to four members needed.)
Sponsorships and Monetary Donations Committee (One chair with up to ten members needed.)
Silenct Auction Procurement Committee (Angela Moses is the chair. She will need up to fifteen members on her team.)
Live Auction Procurement Committee (One chair with up to five members needed.)
Pay-to-Play Parties Committee (One chair with up to three members needed.)
Marketing Committee (Matt Mollman is the chair.)
Decoration Committee (Melany Pattison is the chair.)
Food & Beverage Committee (One chair with up to four members needed.)
Aftermath Committee (One chair with up to eight members needed.)
Tuition Raffle Committee (Katie Greene is the chair.)
Classroom Baskets Committee (Barbara Fankhauser and Erica Artho are the co-chairs. They will need up to six members.)

We can't say this enough ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support of All Saints Catholic School!